My thoughts on Daft Punk’s “Epilogue” video and what it says about relationships and inspiration

Daft Punk is no more. But what a run! 28 years! And, of course, they went out in style. In classic Daft Punk fashion, the duo produced a video to tell the end of their story. But is it the end?

Note: There…

Why we keep losing our loved ones to the big ‘C’ despite knowing what causes it.

Years ago, I lost my aunt, Angela—‘Hela’ to the family. She died of pancreatic cancer. Once diagnosed, her deterioration from health to death was swift. The family cried at her funeral, but still mourns her passing today.

Last year, my girlfriend’s grandmother died of brain cancer. Her grandmother’s path from…

If only the government were like Target.

“A customer needs assistance in the hardware department. Who is responding?”

You may have heard this phrase squawking through a two-way radio clipped on a pair of clean, khaki pants. And when you heard it, you were probably in the middle of adding an item into your big, red cart—something…

How I failed my son and lost his trust

The nail biter

I bit my nails as a kid. I don’t know how or why I started the habit. Maybe I saw my older brother bite his nails once, and I thought it was cool. To me, anything my older brother did was cool back then.

I bit my fingers so much…


Marketing content writer, KonMari Method fanboy, journalism junkie, modern monk and vegan.

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